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XS-PRO5 Lite

Mask Group 15.png







Power supply range


Internal battery


Advanced sleep


Operating Temperature


Relative humidity


Bluetooth module


Internal storage  





LTE CAT1 bis/GSM  







101*74*23 mm


120 ± 1 g


9 – 32 V DC


LiPo 3.7 V 1050 mAh


~4 mA




5% to 95% Non-condensing


Bluetooth version: 5.0 Low energy


16 MB


Built-in 3-axis (auto-calibrating, impact detection, 

motion sensing, tilt detection, g-force up to 16 g)


Antenna: Internal

Bands (LTE FDD): B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28

Bands (GSM): 900/1800 MHz


3 Digital Inputs 

2 Analog Inputs 

2 Digital Inputs

2 CAN Interfaces

Switchable serial port

1 - wire interface

1 - User Interface

          XS-PRO5 Lite is an advanced GPS tracker for trucks, buses, agriculture, and other specialized machinery. It is designed for vehicle tracking and can perform advanced tasks – read on - board computer data ( CAN ) , monitor  driver  behavior , remotely download tachograph data, manage fuel, etc. The device is available with LTE CAT1 bis (4G) and GSM 

(2G) networks.

  • Real-time monitoring of fleets and cargo                      

  • Remote tachograph solution

  • Fleet efficiency optimization

  • Driver, vehicle and cargo safety and security

  • Fuel monitoring                                                    

  • Cargo conditions monitoring

  • Trailer tracking

  • Customizable with accessories

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