XSENSE's Fleet Management System is being used by thousands of companies in Thailand and the region

Fleet Management System powers a wide range of enterprises, from small/medium companies to multinational corporate enterprises, from government bodies to large government-linked companies. We pride ourselves in engineering innovative solutions to make fleet management better, and help to create safer roads for all.

Also, our customers say that Xsense has the best after sales and customer support team in Fleet Management industry.


Through dedicated GPS monitoring, you will always be aware of your fleet’s activity. You can locate all the vehicles in your fleet, accurately shown on our web-based street-level map, in real-time. Use your PC or smartphone to monitor your fleet, no additional software required.


You can specify many and various events that will send you alerts in real-time, informing you of abnormal or improper use of vehicles.


You can analyse your fleet’s history in detail and with a high degree of accuracy, with this service available at your fingertips.

Upgrades to suit your needs

Fleet is a total fleet management solution with comprehensive upgrades and add-ons to meet the needs of an evolving fleet. Select additional modules from our list of upgrades; all well integrated into a singular, unified platform for your fleet.

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