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Car camera for recording image and sound Including car position, Car camera is suitable for transport vehicles To view image and driver behavior in Real-time.


Overview Essential details

Ai Smart Alpha  is a four-channel mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) featuring high stability and supporting Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) , Driver Monitoring System (DMS) , video recording, and GPS tracking. Adopting the high - performance processor and Android operating system ,it can operate in vehicle tracking mode and video recording mode simultaneously  and  is  a core product of new - generation wireless vehicle video surveillance solutions that uses H.264 video compression or decompression, GPS positioning, and wireless data transmission technologies.



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Overview Essential details




Preview and record inside and outside of the vehicle



Identify Driving Habits

Solution for collision prevention & mitigation


Alarm Alert

Harsh Acceleration / Harsh Braking / Sharp Turn


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Overview Essential details

      XS.HIGH VIEW-02 is a mini size mobile DVR, enabling the most flexible installation locations in vehicles. Comparing with dash camera ,MDVR can connect to any types of AHD vehicle cameras, providing  flexibility  for  customer to choose different  cameras

according to  the  requirements for different vehicles. The mini  2 channel  MDVR  has been designed  with  dustproof  standard so that  it  can  fit  with heavy duty trucks’ environment and application. Also, it would be easier for installers get the system install in different areas  of the trucks. Rich interfaces including alarm inputs/outputs, RS232,video outputs. Built-in GPS/3G/LTE/G-sensor provide

functional features working

with multiple platforms.



Overview Essential details

Mobile DVR with ability to record sound and 720p video for future view on manufacturer’s site.

Location and tracking    : GPS / Continuous tracking mode

Mobile networks              : 3G / 4G , Wi-Fi

Power supply                   : External power supply 8V ~ 36V

Other features                 : Audio and video recording for future view  on the platform.

                                              Operating temperature -40℃ - 60℃

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Overview Essential details

XS.HIGH VIEW-08 is a high-end 8ch all-in-one AI HDD MDVR, with compact design,accurate

DMS/FR/ADAS and rich interfaces for commercial vehicle.

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Overview Essential details

     camera system is an ideal companion for everyday driving and long - distance 

hauling.  Besides the road - facing camera that  records  what is happening on the 

road, it is equipped with a cabin-facing camera that records everything  inside  the 

car as well. Alternatively, you can choose the IP67 waterproof camera as the second 

eye. Other features of the Smart eyes plus Dual Channel Dash Cam include live

tracking, reckless driving, emergency calls and more, allowing it to be used to deter 

crime, record bad drivers and quickly resolve disputes or false claims relating to 

traffic accidents.

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