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The Fleet Management System that is trusted by the Industry.

A one stop service system that manage transport and logistics vehicles that is trusted by the industry.

Our system is designed to make fleet and logistics management easier With in-depth information but easy to understand for user about the detailed status and management of driver behavior including vehicle performance. Bringing about the ability to help user control, manage and reduce transportation and logistics operating costs.

Helps create greater safety and reduce accidents on the road that will harm the driver and fellow car users efficiently.

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Vehicle tracking system suitable for use with pickup trucks, heavy duty trucks, containers including truck trailers.

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Fishing vessel tracking system, cargo ship, tourist boat and marine product groups

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Display system with online controlling and monitoring driver's behavior through real-time video system via 3G/4G internet

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Along with the 24-hour Safety Monitoring Center Team.

Transportation Management System (TMS) service provides in-depth information on

transportation status, driver's behavior including displaying the efficiency of the vehicle.

Recommend Products

Vehicle Tracking System
GPS can pinpoint the driver and stopping location in Real-time. It can also monitor driver's behavior , inform usage report and display past routes of using vehicle.
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Car Camera
Car camera for recording images and sound
Including car position, Car camera is suitable for transportation vehicles To view images and driver behavior in Real-time 
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Vessel Monitoring System
Vessel tracking in Real-time, Users can picture vessel status including location, stopping motion, parking location, speed and direction etc.
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Because business runs 24/7 , Quick and Comprehensive after-sales service is our top priority. With quick maintenance within 1-2 business days and a nationwide service center, off-site service including neighboring countries like Laos and Cambodia

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20 Years Experience 

Our company is the leading transportation management system and logistics company by GPS Technology with 20 years experience 

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Data Cloud Center

Storing data on cloud servers helps keep data safe and fast when users retrieve information.

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Platform Service

We have logistics management software to support strategic planning for your business with quality certification from international agencies.

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Installation Service by Professional Mechanics

Product warranty and equipment installation By a team of professional technicians with experience and technical expertise.

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Real-time Tracking

Using Google Map Platform that have higher resolution and development potential than general platform, we can manage shipping route efficiently with our system on GPS tracker. Users can track work, drivers and vehicles.

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Safety Monitoring Center

We have nationwide safety monitoring centers across Thailand and neighboring countries like Laos and Cambodia with call center service for incident report and consultation 24 hours a day.


Application for Clients of Xsense

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Tracking Touch

Checking the vehicle's current location, speed and direction.

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Driver App

Transporters can receive transport work via mobile phone and confirm delivery of goods quickly.

Our Clients

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