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Vessel tracking in Real-time, Users can picture vessel status including location, stopping motion, parking location, speed and direction etc.

Blue Tracker VMS Gen2

Overview Essential details

The Blue Traker® VMS is the next generation of innovative and reliable 

marine-grade fisheries monitoring system consisting of a Blue Traker®

communication terminal and a wiring cabinet - ConBox 2013. Not only 

does it provide a reliable and secure positional data information and 

bidirectional communication, but the Blue Traker® VMS brings a range 

of new and unique features that make it an ideal choice when 

compliance with the latest requirements of regulatory bodies is sought.


bluetraker vms Gen 2.png

VMS Gen1 Plus

vms gen 1 plus.png

Overview Essential details

Vessel tracking device ‘VMS Gen 1 Plus’ has passed the inspection of Department of Fisheries, Designed to be smaller than the Gen 1. The device can be installed both on railings or ship pillars with two-way satellite connection. VMS Gen1 Plus is suitable for remote areas including commercial vessels, fishing boats and other vehicle without telephone signal. With durable materials, the device is weatherproof and support the port of RS232, GPIO and RS485.

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