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Vehicle & Container Tracking

Vehicle tracking system suitable for use with pickup trucks, heavy duty trucks, containers including truck trailers.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking, a device for tracking routes and displaying product including vehicle information. Suitable for transport pickup trucks, heavy duty trucks, public buses, public vehicle, specialized vehicles, taxis, etc.


General shipping group

1. Plan travel expenses.

2. Measure the efficiency of drivers, vehicles and transportation.

3. Effective control transportation time.

Specific shipping group

1. Control driver's behavior.

2. Connect to the driver's license reader to check the correctness of driving.

3. Measure driving efficiency and legally


Public Transportation group

1.  Vehicle control center officers can control transportation from the system and routes while coordinate with the traffic control center to provide assistance in a timely manner.

2. Efficiency Standard of driving for drivers.

3. Check previous data for analysis of accidents.

Unplanned trips
app notification


Receive notification instantly when user  vehicle’s engine starts while traveling, relaxing, working or even when you turn off the engine. You will get notified when theft occurs.

Track multiple vehicle
Live in real time


Instantly update vehicle location and movement, user can choose to inspect all or each vehicle conveniently via mobile application.

Share trips to family
And friends


Follow family members on the road and get notify when they arrive at their destination safely.

Detailed 365 day history
of vehicle trips


Vehicle movement history will be stored in 365 days, user can check past travel information.

GPS Tracking Products

Dimension : 120*70*25 mm

Data Storage : 16-MB

G Sensor : 3-axis accelerometer

Group 6435.png

Dimension : 120*70*25 mm

Data Storage : 16-MB

G Sensor : 3-axis accelerometer

Group 6434.png

Use Case


Installation products

XS.V5 / Fuel Sensor

Mask Group 16.png

Dimension : 102*74*23 mm

Data Storage : 8-MB

G Sensor : 3-axis

Fuel Sensor

Container Tracking

Container tracking system is a device that can install on shipping container. The Device is designed to be durable, dust-proof and rainproof. Support installation outside of vehicles and containers. The device is using special, Low power battery for continuous use.

Container Tracking.png



Tracking location both outdoors and indoors


Supports acceleration and temperature sensors

แบตเตอร่ีแบบพิเศษ ใช้พลังงานงานต่ำ.png

Special, low power battery

กันน้ำและกันฝุ่น IP67.png

Waterproof and dust-proof IP67

รองรับสัญญาณการทำงาน 3G และ 4G.png

Support 3G and 4G operating signals


Efficiently detect device removal

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