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GPS can pinpoint the driving and stopping location in real-time. It can also monitor driver's behavior, inform usage report and display past route of using vehicle. 

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XS-PRO5 Lite

Overview Essential details

XS-PRO5 Lite is an advanced GPS tracker for trucks, buses, agriculture, and other specialized  machinery.  It is designed for vehicle tracking and can perform advanced tasks – read  on - board computer data ( CAN ) , monitor  driver  behavior , remotely  download tachograph data, manage fuel, etc. The device is available with LTE CAT1 bis  (4G) and GSM (2G) networks.



Overview Essential details

XS.V5 is an advanced GPS tracker for all types of vehicles – trucks, busses, agriculture, and other specialized  machinery. It is designed for vehicle tracking and can perform advanced tasks – read on-board computer data (CAN), monitor driver behavior, manage fuel, etc.


The device is available in variations that use GSM (2G), UMTS (3G) and LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT (4G) networks and Bluetooth for communication. The NB-IoT network is included into the LTE Cat M1 variation.

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Overview Essential details

Type : GPS Tracker

Function : Camera,RFID,Handset,LCD display

Warranty : 12 Months

Working hour : 43 hours in power-saving mode and 10 hours in normal mode

GSM Frequency : UMTS/HSDPA: 900/2100MHz GSM/GPRS: 900/1800MHz

GPS Sensitivity : -161 dB

Sensor : Vibration sensor and accelerating sensor

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