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IOT Solutions

IOT system generally work by collecting and exchanging data in Real-time. IoT system has three components:

Smart Devices

Various devices including televisions, security cameras or fitness equipment that has processing capabilities to collect information from the environment. Information received from users or usage patterns and communicated such information over the Internet to and from IoT applications.

IoT Applications

A set of service and software that integrates data, received from various IoT devices by using machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze this data and make intelligent decisions. And then communicates these decisions back to the device.

IoT and IoT devices respond intelligently to the data they receive.

Graphical User Interface

You can manage your IoT devices or device feeds through a graphical user interface. Typical examples include mobile applications or websites that can be used to register and control smart devices.

Examples of IoT devices 
Connected Vehicles

There are many ways that vehicles, such as cars, can connect to the internet. This may be connected through a smart car camera, in-vehicle display system or even a gateway that connects vehicles. It collects data from the accelerator, brake, speedometer, odometer, wheels and fuel tank to monitor driver performance and vehicle health. Connected cars have a variety of uses, including:

  • Monitoring rental fleets to improve fuel efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Helping parents track their children's driving behavior.

  • Automatically notify friends and family in the event of a car accident.

  • Predicting and suppressing vehicle maintenance needs.

Smart Building

Buildings, such as university campuses and commercial buildings , use IoT applications to increase operational efficiency. You can use IoT device in smart buildings to carry out various operations including:

  • Reduce energy consumption.

  • Reduce maintenance costs.

  • Utilize workspace more effectively.

Building energy management system

Building Energy Management System

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How is IoT beneficial to business?

  • Accelerate innovation 

The Internet of things enable businesses to access advanced analytic to discover new opportunities. For example: Enterprise can create targeted advertising campaigns by collecting information about customer behavior.

  • Transforming data into insights and execution using AI and ML

The collected data and historical trends can be used to predict future results. For example: You can match warranty data with data collected by the Internet of things to predict maintenance events. Can be used to proactively serve customers and establish customer trust.

  • Increase security

Continuous monitoring of digital and physical infrastructure can increase productivity. Improve productivity and reduce security risks. For example, data collected from on-site monitoring can be integrated with hardware and firmware version information to schedule automatic system updates.

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