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Transportation Management System (TMS)

Transportation Management System (TMS) provides insights into transport status, driver behavior and vehicle performance.

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Transportation Management System (TMS)

A program used in Transportation Business Management. The system helps managing work system and collect information in electronic form. It also covers various work systems in the transportation business from receiving the product from the customer, the details of Sender-Receiver Products, vehicle control and vehicle personnel, product distribution and billing, vehicle history and maintenance systems, including the function of issuing various reports.

 TMS tracks shipments and sender performance whether you're sending by truck or ship. The system will create a document that Follow along with the product until it reaches its destination.


1. Conveniently, quickly and accurately collect and query the information of trucks, employees and goods.

2. Able to compare standard data of fuel and actual fuel costs.

3. Able to compare standard data of origin and destination distances to calculate revenues and expenditures.

4. The program is able to inform the coordinates of the vehicle origin and destination.

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