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Logistics Command Center (LCC)

Logistics Command Center 

Along with the 24-hour Safety Monitoring Center Team.

Logistics Command Center (LCC)

Xsense Logistics Command Center's main function is verifying the location of GPS device installed on transport vehicles in order to delivery the goods to their destination safely and on time. Along with the Safety Monitoring Center team that takes care of you 24 hour a day. If a security abnormality occurs, staffs stationed in the logistics command center will immediately call the driver or the customer company to report to the abnormal incident in order to prevent accidents and reduce the chance of product damage. All data in the system will be processed to improve our work processes and create greater efficiency in providing services.

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Performance Monitoring

Measure the efficiency of drivers and vehicle performance.

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Safety Monitoring

Plan for safety, such as driving faster than the speed limit and deviation from route.

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Real - time Tracking

Tracking vehicle status in Real-time.

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Alert Management

Manage notifications through multiple channels such as Line, SMS, Email and Website.

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Vehicle Maintenance

Notification to the system for maintenance.


Logistics Command Center (LCC)

1. Effectively support the strategic planning and decision-making of the chief executive.

2. Effectively manage Human Resources and vehicles through all transportation processes.

3. Assist in managing tracking and analyzing data, monitoring transportation status, controlling driver's behavior in real-time and processing in the form of a report.



  • KPI measurement standard 99%

  • A 24-hour power backup system

  • An efficient DATA CENTER 

  • Fastest domestic connections

  • Support Cloud system to expand business into the Global Network

  • Security systems and procedures to prevent confidential information from being stolen

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